Before a final order can be made, you need to have accurate measurements.


All custom made roller blinds have measurements listed in Width x Drop.

When measuring you can sketch each of the windows and write each measurement on the sketch as you go. This can get a bit messy but a good way not mix up the rooms and windows. 
You will also want to name each room and window for each measurement, so when your roller blinds arrive you know where they go.
Measure in millimeters with a reliable metal tape measure, not a laser measure. These don't often give an accurate measure for face fit measurement.

Oh and always measure twice! It's amazing what can be mixed up in the space of a couple of minutes.

A couple of tips for measuring.

  1. When measuring always do the width first and the drop second. 1800mm (width) x 2100mm (drop)
    All manufactures and installers in the industry of Window Furnishings use this method and it is the best way to keep track of your measurements.
  2. When measuring your property start at the front door and go to the left. This keeps an orderly track around the property.
  3. Be sure to start at Blind 1, and name each window as you go. This way if your not installing the installer knows to go 'left' and can match the name of the window 'Study' with what is marked on the blind.
  4. Use a standard old measuring tape. Laser measuring devices are good for a quick measure but not an accurate one.

So here is how we measure our windows for Roller Blinds.

For a Face Fit (fitting to edge of architrave)

This option is generally used for blockout blinds.
This is so the blind covers more of the window blocking more light, as well as heat and cold coming in. This method is highly recommend for bedrooms and TV rooms.


  1. Measure from outside edge of architrave to outside edge to get your width. This ensures the most light blockage.
  2. Measure from top of architrave to bottom of architrave to get your drop measurement. If window is to the floor, measure to just touching floor.
  3. If you have a Square set window you will need to ensure you have timber to screw into. You will most likely need to go 50mm past the edge of the window on each side to ensure you hit timber when fixing your brackets to the wall. If you are building it then remember to have something to hang your blinds off, if you have a builder, talk with them about making sure there is something to hang off and where it is located.

Face Fit


Measure the required width of the blind in millimetres from the outside edge of the architrave. If the window has no architrave or frame and is a square set window, add at least 40mm on each side of the opening. This will ensure you hit a stud through the plaster when fitting you blinds.


Measure the required drop (or length) from the top of the architrave or 50mm above square set window. At the top, a minimum of 50mm of frame/architrave is required for the fixing of the control brackets. If there is less than a 50mm frame, measure from a point 40mm above the window. Measure all the way down to the bottom of the window arcitrave, frame of square set to ensure maximum light coverage.

measuring curtain width

For an Recess Fit (fitting inside window revel / architrave)

A Recess fit is when the roller blind is mounted within the recess of your window. This fitting option is ideal for sun screen roller blinds.
However with this fitting method, there will be a 10mm gap on each side of the blind which is the width of the brackets and components of the roller blind.
This fitting options is not recommended for blockout blinds as it will let to much light in, unless you are going for this design and look in your home.
When selecting this method, ensure you have a minimum of 60mm of recess to fit the brackets in. 
You will also want to ensure window winders are not going to be hit. To ensure this does not happen we suggest front rolling your roller blinds so the blind misses the winder on most occasions.


  1. Again doing width first - measure at the top of the window recess, middle and bottom, from inside architrave to inside architrave. You will want use your smallest measurement. You may then want to take 1 or 2mm off your measurement to ensure a snug fit. Our components at the pin end can be extended and it is better to extend the pin slightly verses having to cut the blind down.
  2. Measure again at three points from top to bottom of inside architrave to get your finish drop.

*Please remember; what ever measurement you provide we will make to that measurement without any deductions.


Steps Recess Fit Measurement


Measure the exact opening width across the inside of the window frame/recess in millimetres at the top, middle and bottom of the window as pictured in positions A, B and C.


Then measure the exact drop (or height) of the opening from the inside top of the window frame to the top of the sill in millimetres as pictured as measurement D.

measuring curtain width

For a Recess Fit